Hifi Bottom Panels


The Hifi bottom panels consist of two layers:
The upper layer consists of many layers of glued, very light sandwich material made of wood composite. The lower layer consists of heavy MDF material. The two bottom panels are divided by spikes which can be adjusted in height, which mainly absorb footsteps or other similar sounds.
The lower bottom panel rests on either rubber absorbers which can be adjusted in height or on request also on spikes.

Living Floor


The living floor consists of one layer with a balancing framework below it to compensate for floors which are not level. The living floor can be levelled using concealed, adjustable feet.
These are mainly used in situations where no special acoustic requirements are present.
The living floor can be combined with the hifi bottom panel approximately 2 cm above it by means of a separately available distancer.

Rack Element


The sandwich construction of the rack elements which is optimal for acoustics allows for an optimal, acoustically neutral effect on the AV appliances placed within the system. The characteristics of warm, detailed and natural sound of the music played are even further refined by the combination of light wooden materials and heavy metal connection elements. The physically very different specific weights, together with the small cross section of the metal connection elements provide a very good acoustic decoupling effect.

Basic Element


The elements of the Racktime-Basic-Series are, as far as the main construction is concerned, the same as the normal rack elements. Therefore there is no difference in sound between the Racktime-Elements and the elements from the Basic-Series. The Racktime-Basic-Elements were especially designed for devices which require less distance from one another and are therefore ideally suited for longer AV chains due to their optimum use of the space available.



The drawers can be built into any rack as desired. The drawers are designed so that all common types of audio files such as DVDs, CDs or Videos can be stored by means of an insert system for the drawers.
The front elements of the drawers consist of a wooden framework with a choice of either transparent or opaque wired glass.