Home Cinema - State of the Art


The project described here shows a room of approx. 40 m² which was turned into the ultimate home cinema by Hutter.

The whole room was measured acoustically and then constructed for optimum effect. Behind the wall panel elements which are covered in fabric various acoustic systems are integrated. The various effects of the individual elements of the systems combine to produce the linear frequency-response curve over the whole frequency range which has already become a hallmark of Hutter acustix. Due to the clever combination of the board absorbers (mainly in the ceiling) with the low frequency effectiveness of the Helmholz resonators and mid-frequency absorbent open pore surfaces a unique enjoyment of sound is provided to the user – independent of the electronic system used.

Only in a room which is optimally equipped in regard to acoustics can every high quality electronic system develop its talents to the full, because no corrections to the playing of the sound need to be made.
The screen is mounted behind a fabric-covered framework which includes sliding format limiters as well as electronically-operated curtains. All the front loudspeakers and two sub-woofers are invisibly integrated into this wall.

The video projector is mounted behind a sliding door of non-reflective glass and cannot be heard.
The devices are stored in an AV cupboard element acoustically decoupled from one another. In addition to the doors which recess into the side of the cupboard this piece of AV furniture is distinguished by "Hutter Audiophile" which is the cable management system developed by Hutter.
The necessary software is contained in two sliding drawers one on each side of the AV cupboard element. There is room in the drawers for around 1500 DVDs.
The whole bottom area of the cinema has podiums in which backlit glass panels are integrated in the aisle area.
The surface of the floor was chosen to be solid wooden parquet in dark oak.
Hutter acustix was responsible for the whole design and construction of this project and provided the customer with a first class, ready-made cinema experience.