Movies in the Living Room


It was the desire of the customer to create a room to live in which, in addition to meeting the highest demands as far as design were concerned, also fulfilled the most demanding acoustic requirements for undiminished cinematic enjoyment.

The heart of this cinematic work of art is the media wall. In addition to the loudspeakers all the control equipment as well as the owners collection of favourite films are integrated in it. The large screen is a back projection system, which projects the moving pictures onto the glass panel screen from the technology room behind it. For everyday TV use though there is a plasma screen in front of the cinema screen which disappears upwards over a system of pulleys mounted between the fabric-covered front wall and the projection wall.
The ceiling is covered with directional board swingers and open pore acoustic elements effective in the mid-frequency range.

The loudspeakers and the light sources are integrated behind fabric-covered panels in the rear wall.