Haus Flachau


In Flachau Hutter acustix was contracted to plan and install the acoustics for the event hall in the new building "Haus Flachau".

Right from the beginning of development it was important for the principal and the archi-tect that the acoustic quality of the room be excellent so that the various events to be held in the room could be carried out successfully without having to reconfigure it each time. A further basic requirement was that the room be made completely of wood. First of all the acoustic pre-planning was approved by the architect Moosbrugger, who was responsible for the complete design of the building. The next step was to take acoustic measurements at approx. 35 different points, to do the detailed planning and to integrate the building technology and the event technology into the results of the acoustic calcula-tions. After several coordination meetings, large parts of the building technology were integrated directly into the acoustic elements. The major parts of the event technology are also invisibly integrated in the acoustic elements. Upon completion the hall, like all Hutter acustix projects, was measured again. The measuring devices showed that the hall provides highly linear acoustics which makes it perfect for the requirements set out by the people who had it built.