Unterfladnitz - Community Centre


The hall in the Gemeindezentrum Unterfladnitz was structurally completed some years ago within the construction project. After using the hall for some time, the people re-sponsible realised that the acoustic quality of the room was not satisfactory.

In spring 2009 Hutter acustix was awarded the contract for the planning of acoustic measures to be included unobtrusively in the existing room. After detailed acoustic and optical planning, Hutter was asked to implement their measures step by step. The first step was to mount acoustically effective wooden absorber elements on the wall opposite the stage. At the same time high performance broad band absorbers developed and pat-ented by Hutter acustix in 2009 were designed taking the ceiling partitioning into consid-eration and then installed. These few measures were enough to change the reverberation in the room so significantly that events now held in the hall can be carried out with good acoustic quality.