Guiding Principle

Quality is our Conviction

Our Customers
To advise customers about the design of their homes and the rooms they spend their lives in is a matter of trust. We at Hutter realise that trust is a fragile thing and so we take great care to treat this responsibility gently. We always take pains to provide our customers with precise planning, advice and completion suited to their most individual problems. We face up to the high demands of our customers with no restrictions and with full commitment. Our name is your guarantee for the professional completion of every contract.

Our Staff
Our staff members are our most important factor for success. The variety of our projects requires teamwork. Frankness, friendliness, helpfulness and humour define the tone in which we communicate with one another. We recognise the potential of, and the possibilities for, our employees and support them by means of further training. In addition we attempt to place our employees in positions which reflect their particular strengths.

We regard ourselves as duty bound to meet the high expectations of our customers in regard to planning and completion of our products. Our planning and production quality is continually being expanded and improved according to the most modern findings so that we can continue to be one of the leading Austrian companies in the area of product quality.

Technical Standards
We at Hutter believe it is our duty to keep production standards at a very high level always for the benefit of our customers. We offer our customers products which are produced according to the latest technical but also environmental standards due to the continual extension and renewal of our machinery.

We accept that we have a responsibility to the environment and contribute to a future worth living with concrete measures. In all our corporate decisions, when making investments or daily decisions, we consider not only the economic factors but also the environmental ones.

Economic Fundament
Our customers are our only sources of finance. It is their satisfaction which guarantees the future of our company, our employees and the many workplaces for apprentices and trainees. We are convinced though that excellent quality has a corresponding price, and that only that price can safeguard the quality and existence of the company in the long run.

We take our competitors seriously and continually measure our performance against theirs with the objective of improving ourselves further.