Music Rehearsal Rooms

St. Johann im Ahrntal - South Tyrol

The music rehearsal room in St. Johann in Ahrntal was fitted out by Hutter acustix in 2009 after detailed planning.
The room is 157 m² and rises from approximately 5 metres to 8.5 metres in the direction of the conductor.
Due to the employment of the system of selective sound control a highly linear frequency curve was achieved in the room.

Room size: 157 m²
Room height: from approx. 5.0 m – 8.5 m rising towards the conductor

Schwarzach - Tyrol

The music rehearsal room of the club MV Schwarzach was completed by Hutter acustix in October 2009.
The musicians chose, after exhaustive trials, the selective sound control system which is predestined for this rehearsal room due to its geometrical shape where the ceiling falls lower in the direction of the bandmaster.
The sound is directed towards the bandmaster by selective elements in the sound control system and enables separate perception of the individual instruments, on the one hand from the bandmasters position and on the other hand by the musicians themselves.

Room size: 118 m²
Room height: from approx. 6.0 m – 4.3 m falling away towards the conductor


The music rehearsal room of the MV Pinggau was completed in spring 2009. This music rehearsal room is remarkable due to its size, approx. 157 m², and to the fact that it was installed without any podiums at all. Due to the selective sound control system one can dispense with podiums even in rooms of this size because the sound is specifically di-rected over the selective control ceiling elements to the desired position. At the same time low frequencies are absorbed by the wall and ceiling elements used in the room. In this way the linear reverberation aimed at by Hutter acustix is achieved without podium surfaces as absorber surfaces for low frequencies.

Room size: 157 m²
Room height: approx. 5.3 m, floor and ceiling parallel, with skylights

Flachau - Salzburg

The music rehearsal room of the TMK Flachau was completed in September 2009 at the time of reconstruction of the "Haus Flachau".
The remarkable thing about this project is the geometry of the room with its flat pitched roof with really low room height in the area where the roof begins. Due to the installation of the selective sound control system from Hutter acustix the room could be designed as a highly linear frequency music rehearsal room where sound perception and locatibility of the instruments is guaranteed.
It is of special interest that all the walls are wooden which could only be adapted for acoustic purposes by making various holes, slits and distancing.
In this project Hutter acustix was also asked to optimize the acoustics of three other in-dividual music rehearsal rooms.

Room size: 176 m²
Room height: from approx. 2.9 m – 4.5 m with a pitched roof of an approx. 20° angle

Yspertal - Lower Austria

The music rehearsal room of the MV Yspertal was completed by Hutter acustix at the end of 2008. After the musicians had rehearsed in different locations, the club members chose the selective sound control system from Hutter acustix.
In this room the two large windows facing each other had to be taken into special con-sideration as far as the acoustics were concerned. The large window surface behind the percussionists was dealt with by way of sliding absorber elements which, when not in use, are stored away behind the deep bass absorbers (Helmholtz resonators) in each corner of the room.

The large sliding wall behind the conductor can be opened if required to make use of the foyer as a small auditorium if concerts or other events with an audience are to be held there. The selective sound control system in the rehearsal room is designed so that the sound is also directed perfectly into the foyer so as to provide the audience with the en-joyment of high quality audio.

Room size: 123 m²
Room height: approx. 5.8 m, floor parallel to ceiling which has diagonal Glulam trusses