Racktime - The Hi-Fi Furniture System

When we began to develop "Racktime" we had 4 basic ideas:

The furniture has to sound good!  That is the most important aspect in our opinion.

It has to look good! This point was also very important for us because our company has stood for excellent quality and good design for 60 years in the furniture industry.
Ease of use
It has to be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily. An average hifi rack from our system can be assembled in approx. 5 minutes. You need more time to unpack the individual pieces than you do to assemble the system. The only things you need for the complete assembly are a screwdriver and a spirit level.

The system has to be so flexible that elements can be added to it at any time later. One can start with a small beginner rack and extend this into a whole wall.