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Increasing the quality of life through room acoustics

Growing demands and ever more complex projects in todays age of multi-media require individual solutions. To enjoy cinema without making any compromises one needs, apart from the required visuals, to consider the acoustic parameters of the room as well as multi-media technology standards.
For us a complete concept supplier that means that we need to discuss the knowledge we have gained in this sector with the architect and the owner so that the technical requirements of the individual vision of the customer can be optimally integrated into the whole project. We work out individual solutions for each project and complete them in our own workshops. In this way we are able to fulfil all wishes right down to the last little detail.

The skilful combination of plate absorbers with low-frequency effective Helmholtz resonators, as well as medium- and high-frequency porous surfaces can lead to a unique listening experience for the user, regardless of the electronics used. An acoustically optimal acoustic space allows high-value electronics to meet their peak performance, as no corrections need be made for playback.