Room Acoustics

Conference Centres and Meeting Rooms

Modern conference centres and meeting rooms present complex demands. In addition to optimised room acoustics, the integration of high-value communications technologies is part of the standard in current planned conference spaces.
This includes rooms with volumes from about 100 to 500 square metres for about 15 to 100 people.
We plan the average reverberation on the basis of the room size, as linear as possible across the entire frequency range. For the most part, effective measures are used with low-frequency sound absorption, for example with visually appealing plate transducers.

Of course, sound absorption is noticed by the public.  Using acoustically optimised equipment makes the spaces usable across a broad occupancy range without being affected in the areas of reverberation and the ability to see or understand speech.
The ceiling is the most important reflective surface for the speaker and especially for discussions from the listener areas. The walls present, above all in larger rooms, important reflective and absorptive surfaces for good acoustic provision to the side and back listener areas.
Extreme care must be taken to ensure good acoustic properties in the selection and arrangement of acoustically correct materials.
Hutter acustix combines design, technology and comfort in the planning of communications spaces into a single whole, which reflects the strength of the company in the fields of acoustics and audio-visuals.