Acoustics in Schools

Acoustics in Schools

All-day schools are becoming more and more common in Austria and this development brings with it an increase in noise and stress for both pupils and teachers. We at HUTTER acustix are attempting to react to this problem with sound-optimising installations. 

The Problem

• Classrooms which echo 
• Low voice recognition 
• Falling ability to concentrate 
• Raised learning stress 

The Result with optimum use of ACOUSTIC INSTALLATIONS

• The echo is noticeably reduced 
• Voice recognition greatly improved 
• High performance 
• More enjoyment of learning and teaching! 

SOS Survey by the Styrian Wood Cluster

In the SOS survey carried out in Haus in Ennstal, the pulse of pupils in conventional classrooms was compared with the pulse of pupils in rooms especially equipped with wood. The result was surprisingly positive: The pupils in the wooden classrooms showed a significantly lower pulse (minus 10 beats/minute). In the long term this contributes to a longer life expectancy. 

What were the factors for success? 

– The smell of wood 
– Colour / Light 
– Room acoustics 
– Softer feel 

• Optim. room acoustics 
– Concentration rises 
– Stress falls