Fibre Resonance Absorbers

Fibre Resonance Absorbers in Comparison


In comparison to common absorber types the SOUND² system shows extraordinarily high degrees of absorption over the whole range of frequencies audible to the human ear. Due to the combination of fibre and panel absorbers, the advantages of both of these types can be made use of. 

Further advantages: 
- Ideal for speech and music 
- Optimised for the audible range of the human ear (A-Filtering). 
- Simple rehabilitation and optimisation of room acoustics with low surface requirements 
- Can be well combined with perforated and panel absorbers 

Test reports of the Technical University in Graz exceeded the expectations of the Hutter acustix research department. Thanks to absorption values far above those of leading ab-sorbers available on the market, rooms can be easily and flexibly rehabilitated with this element.

Function of SOUND² = Fibre Resonance Absorbers 

How common types of absorbers function 

Fibre absorber 
Helmholtz resonator 
Perforated panel absorber 
Panel absorber