List of Elements


You can combine different elements and cupboards as you wish.

Basic dimensions
Length of the connector elements which are included in the delivery for both horizontal and vertical connections: 50 mm (you can find special lengths under accessories), they are available in a choice of brushed nickel or brushed brass.
The following points provide information about the dimensions of the Racktime system.
An example for the calculation in width of a Racktime system with several elements con-nected to one another.
Width bottom panel 600 mm + length of connector element 50 mm + bottom panel 954 mm = Total width 1604 mm
An example for the calculation in height of a Rack element with one connector element.
Height of Rack element 230 mm + length of connector element 50 mm = total height 280 mm.
Available interior space = total height - 30mm.
Example of a combination of Standard & Hifi bottom panels.
Height of living floor 80 mm + distancer 20 mm = height of Hifi bottom panel 100mm
Adjustable elements of the system can lead to minimal deviations between calculated dimensions and true dimensions.

Racktime Brochure in German

application/pdf prospekt.pdf (144.5 kB)