Living with Racktime

I will build my own little world...

Wohnen mit Racktime

"I will build my own little world, and if I dont like it I will rearrange it."

Racktime is furniture which consists of stackable elements which make it expandable in height and in length.
It is easy to use and can be assembled and disassembled without any problems. The elements can be easily connected by means of inserting aluminium profiles. In this way there are no limits to expansion in height or length.
The system can also be extended to form a multi-functional piece of furniture by the addition of drawers, cupboards and TV elements.
The drawers can be equipped with inserts for CDs, DVDs or Videos The "cable chaos" which so many people hate disappears behind the flexible rear walls.

The basic elements of Racktime are available in various widths and depths.
To enable the achievement of the desired height, the metal connector elements are provided in various lengths.
The front elements of the drawers consist of a wooden framework with a choice of transparent or matt, mirrored, wired glass.