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Selective Sound Guidance

Goal: Instruments should no longer just be able to be allocated both for conductor and for the public just by the auditory amplitude, but must also be able to be located exactly through their depth.

An overall three-dimensional acoustic image of the orchestra is created. And so for example the tympani must be able to hear the flautists sitting diagonally opposite. In this way a so-called three-dimensional acoustic pattern is created in the space – all the instruments involved in the room can be significantly better located.

Playing music in rooms and spaces with 3D character is more fun, as the individual instruments can be assigned better.

The three-dimensionality is achieved amongst other things by the system of selective sound guidance we developed with its saw-tooth like wall and ceiling structures.

Reverberation Time

The frequency response curve in our acoustically optimised rooms must be highly linear across the entire relevant frequency spectrum, i.e. for the reverberation time in the room in the frequency region from 125 Hz to 4 kHz (octave band measurement) with a certain occupancy level a maximum deviation of ± 5 % of the value at 500 Hz must be permitted.

Playability of the Room

The rehearsal room (function room) must be designed for playability in such a way, that the space is playable both with full occupancy as well as also with partial occupancy, i.e. in the worst case scenario with only two people.

The frequency response curve of the reverberation time must remain relatively linear for different, defined levels of occupation and the absolute value of the reverberation time may also not change too much.

The acoustic implementation must be designed in such a way, that with musical rehearsal rooms CD recordings with an orchestra are possible in the space without adaptive work.


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