Concept & General Principles

Acoustic solutions require extensive and comprehensive know-how. Using simulation and measurement technology, we manage to approach all individual customer wishes and needs in the best possible way as early as the design stage. Using an extremely precise method of working, custom designed acoustic projects come into being, which are perfectly matched to the respective user‘s requirements and designs.

In our general principles you can learn what we stand for, the values and business principles with which we direct our actions and build up trust.



Qualität aus Überzeugung

Advising customers who are designing their living spaces is an opportunity to create an environment of trust. We here at HUTTER ACUSTIX are aware of this and behave with the as carefully as possible with this responsibility. We constantly try to provide our customers with precise and individual plans and designs, consultancy and production tailored to their requirements for the widest range of problems.

We dedicate ourselves with all our energy to our customers‘ high demands and without any restrictions. Our name guarantees professional implementation of every contract.

Projects: team-oriented work

Our employees are the most important factor of our success. The versatility of our projects requires team-oriented work. Openness, friendliness, the willingness to help and humour determine our interactions with one another. We recognise our employees‘ potential and opportunities which exist and encourage these through continuous training. Moreover, we attempt to use employees according to their strengths.

We consider ourselves to obligated to our customers‘ high demands through the design, planning and production of our products. Our design, planning and production quality is continually being extended and improved through the most modern insights, in order that in future we shall also remain one of the leading companies for spatial acoustics.

We at HUTTER ACUSTIX consider ourselves obligated to always maintain our technical production standards at the highest level in order to benefit our customers. We can provide our customers with products manufactured according to the most up-to-date technical and also environmental standards through constantly extending and renewing our machine park.

The environment – Our thoughts for the future

We acknowledge that we are committed to our responsibility towards the environment and contribute towards a worthwhile future with concrete measures. Environmental factors are constantly taken into consideration in all our company’s corporate decisions, with our investments and in our day to day work, alongside economic factors.

Our customers are our largest source of finance. Their satisfaction secures the future of our business, our employees and the numerous apprenticeships we provide. However we are convinced that high quality also has a corresponding cost, and that only in this way can we secure the quality niveau and the existence of our company in the long-term.

We take competitor companies very seriously and constantly measure our performance against them, with the objective of continuous improvement.


Advising customers in the design of their living spaces is
an opportunity to build up trust

We at HUTTER ACUSTIX are aware of this and handle such responsibility with the utmost care. We always offer our customers precise, individual designs, consultancy and fabrications customised to meet their needs for the widest sets of problems.

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