Spatical Acoustics

Acoustic system solutions integrated into the architecture for communication rooms.

The integration of high-quality communication technologies belongs to the standards in contemporary planned communication spaces. This category includes rooms with a volume of about 100 to 500 m³ for about 15 to 100 people. Rooms and spaces with a volume of approximately 100 to 500 m3 for some 15 to 100 people fall into this category. We design medium reverberation times adjusted to the size of the room, to be linear as far as possible across the entire frequency spectrum. Usually effective low-frequency sound absorption measures are used, e. g. optically appealing panel resonators.

Of course sound absorption by the public must be taken into consideration. Our premises can be used very variably with regard to their level of occupation through acoustically optimised furnishings, without being subjected to acoustic impairments in the area of reverberation time and intelligibility of language or transparency.

The ceiling is the most important reflective surface for the speaker and in particular for discussions from the listening area. Above all in larger rooms and premises the walls present important reflection and absorption surfaces for a good acoustic supply from the sides and the back of the listening area. The highest level of care is taken in selecting and allocating the correct acoustic materials, in order to guarantee good spatial acoustic characteristics..

HUTTER ACUSTIX combines design, technology and comfort when planning communication rooms and premises into a unique overall concept, which reflects the company‘s areas of expertise in acoustics and the Audio-Video field.

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Advising customers in the design of their living spaces is
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We at HUTTER ACUSTIX are aware of this and handle such responsibility with the utmost care. We always offer our customers precise, individual designs, consultancy and fabrications customised to meet their needs for the widest sets of problems.

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