Acoustics for Halls, Meeting Rooms

The highest value is placed on optimising the quality of reproduction with electronic acoustic amplification, when designing halls and meeting rooms

The concept and design of halls and meeting rooms presents an especially sensitive area in acoustic design. Alongside optimum guidance of sound in the listening area, optimum sound relationships must also be created on stage. For this reason with the help of selective sound guidance, the space in the musicians’ area is dampened across a broad bandwidth and in particular in the low-frequency region. This creates raised acoustic transparency and makes better interaction possible with little effort.

The side and ceiling areas of the orchestral podium should support sound emission into the listeners’ area with early reflections. The limiting walls at the sides may never be parallel to one another, because of the risk of flutter echoes.

The sound system of selective sound guidance also lends itself to clear advantages for the user in the field of concert halls. Playability is also guaranteed for the widest levels of occupancy in these spaces too through the use of special types of materials and combinations of these. This means that for operators of concert halls, optimum acoustic reproduction can also be achieved with only a few listeners in the audience.

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