We develop and produce spatial acoustic solutions by means of selective sound guidance Whilst doing so, innovation must not just be a buzz word. This must directly improve customer satisfaction in the long-term. We place great importance on continuous development and tailor-made, customised solutions for each individual requirement.



With the invention of the fibre resonance effect, we succeeded in developing a high-performance absorber – Sound². In this way we could renovate acoustically difficult spaces simply and without additional effort and expense. A material which devours sound, which can be retro-fitted anywhere.

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D-Blocker was developed especially for emergency applications in the industrial arena. For the first time all frequency regions from low frequencies to high frequencies can be absorbed very evenly with consistently high degrees of absorption of over 1.4.

Measurement Booth

This booth was developed specially for use by hearing aid technicians (audiologists). The aim was to achieve not greater than 40dB(A) in interior spaces with an external noise source of 90dB(A). This was achieved using an elaborate, sophisticate wall and ceiling structure, as well as spatial acoustic optimisation of the interior.


Advising customers in the design of their living spaces is
an opportunity to build up trust

We at HUTTER ACUSTIX are aware of this and handle such responsibility with the utmost care. We always offer our customers precise, individual designs, consultancy and fabrications customised to meet their needs for the widest sets of problems.

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