Outstanding design is the basis for an acoustically high-quality, perfectly optimised room.


Musical Test Pieces

Our auditory scheme (and dream) rooms for increasing your musical perfection with good speech intelligibility and a pleasant conversational ambience with low reverberation. We optimize room acoustics using the most up-to-date measurement and analysis technologies. Our aim is excellent 3D premises and absolutely natural sound reception. In this way, the playing technology and precision of your music are clearly audible and can be assessed.

Amongst other things this three-dimensionality is achieved through the system of selective sound guidance we have developed with its saw-tooth like walls and ceiling structures. For users this means that the conductor can not only assign the instruments across the width of the stage, but also through the saw-tooth design the sound waves are guided to the conductor or to the public in the auditorium in an optimum manner.

Playing music and listening in rooms with 3D character are more enjoyable, as the individual instruments can be assigned better. These parameters are obtained through intensive preliminary discussions, in which we are concerned to learn about users’ requirements and wishes.

What is more we recommend that each interested customer views halls and meeting rooms we have already completed and should also test these out. The interested parties can compare these with their own premises and in this way can create an image of the qualitative differences for themselves.

Measurement and Design

Each room or space is measured by us acoustically in its raw state. Based on these measurements our acoustic experts in Dr. Harald Graf-Müller’s team draw up an individually tailored, customised acoustic spatial system for each room. The professional consults this as the basis for the acoustic and optical design of the specific space.

The advanced stages of planning are documented from the start in photo-realistic three-dimensional perspective representations, and discussions and consultations are held with the user about these repeatedly, until a good resolution is found for each project with a unique acoustic and optical design.


Following completion of the room, this is measured by us acoustically once again and the mode of operation of the acoustic measures in the room is presented using a nominal – actual comparison. As a quality Austrian company, with 60 years‘ experience in the meantime, we consider it our obligation to be able to offer you variable design opportunities through individual planning and fabrication of your acoustically optimized hall or meeting room.


Outstanding room acoustics live and die with precise work – from the first preliminary calculation up until installation of the last acoustic panel. Acoustically optimised walls and ceiling designs are especially important for a high quality of the end product.

Based on our many years‘ experience, we were able to develop a new type of absorber element in the context of a comprehensive research project, which represents a harmonious connection between acoustic and optical requirements.

These elements were subjected to an acoustic measurement test in our company’s internal Alpha Room. Using this test room in our company‘s premises,, HUTTER ACUSTIX can look into new types of materials and possible combinations of different types of materials in depth acoustically, in order to adjust their method of working to the specific project..



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Advising customers in the design of their living spaces is
an opportunity to build up trust

We at HUTTER ACUSTIX are aware of this and handle such responsibility with the utmost care. We always offer our customers precise, individual designs, consultancy and fabrications customised to meet their needs for the widest sets of problems.

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