The tool for retrofitting existing rooms. The "fiber resonance absorber effect" we have discovered optimizes any acoustically problematic room without major alterations.

The fiber resonance absorber effect discovered by HUTTER ACUSTIX optimizes any acoustically problematic room without major modifications. With the advancement of open-plan offices, all-day schools, but also of modern architecture and its spacious and clear design, the noise and stress levels for employees, students and teachers are increasing. The innovative, sound-optimized acoustic systems from HUTTER ACUSTIX can solve these problemsp>


School of future

An important field of activity in the field of room acoustics is the optimal equipment of school premises. Today's adults are maturing in today's schools. A good acoustic equipment of the premises can reduce the potential for aggression and significantly increase the learning success of students. In modern school construction, therefore, care should be taken that the basic conditions for a good acoustic quality in the classrooms are already ensured in the planning phase.



The operation of this unique absorber system is based on a combination of different acoustic absorber types. It combines the advantages of these elements in a novel system, which is probably unparalleled for its flexible application possibilities in different areas from school to industry.

Through various surface options, the requirements of each area can be individually addressed.

Fiber resonance absorber

In contrast to conventional absorber types, the SOUND² system shows exceptionally high absorption levels over the entire audible frequency range. By combining fiber and plate, the advantages of both types can be exploited.

Other advantages:

  • Ideal for speech and music
  • Optimized for the auditory spectrum of the human ear (A-filtering)
  • Simple refurbishment and optimization of room acoustics with low space requirement.
  • Very easy to combine with hole and plate absorbers.

The test reports of Graz University of Technology exceed the expectations of the research department of HUTTER ACUSTIX. With degrees of absorption beyond market sizes, rooms can be easily and flexibly retrofitted at any time with this element.

Test report TU Graz


Weizerstraße 9
8190 Birkfeld


Structure of the acoustic elements as specified by the applicant.
Element consisting of a wooden frame construction, completely covered with fabric.
The exact structure of the test site is known, but is not published.
Appointed by the applicant as "Sound Optimizer".

Inspection date:


Available files:

Test report TU Graz

Acoustic optimization school

With the advance of all-day schooling, noise and stress loading for pupils and students is continually gaining in importance. We here at HUTTER acustix attempt to respond to this problem with installations for optimising sound.


  • Classrooms with a lot of reverberation
  • Low intelligibility of speech
  • Falling levels of concentration
  • Increased stress during learning

Outcome with optimally applied Acoustic Installations

  • Reverberation is significantly reduced
  • Low intelligibility of speech
  • High work levels
  • More fun whilst studying and teaching!

SOS Study for the company steirische Holzcluster

In the SOS Study carried out in-house in Ennstal, the heart rates of children in conventional classrooms were compared with those of school children in rooms specially furnished with wood. The result was amazingly positive: The school children in wooden classrooms showed a significantly lower heart rate (10 beats /minute lower). In the long-term this can contribute to a higher life expectancy.

Was trägt zu diesem Erfolg bei?

Farbe / Licht – Raumakustik
Weichere Haptik
Optim. Raumakustik
Konzentration steigt
Stress sinkt


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