With the advance of all-day schooling, noise and stress loading for pupils and students is continually gaining in importance. We here at HUTTER ACUSTIX attempt to respond to this problem with installations for optimising sound.



Classrooms with a lot of reverberation
Low intelligibility of speech
Falling levels of concentration
Increased stress during learning

Outcome with optimally applied Acoustic Installations

Reverberation is significantly reduced
Low intelligibility of speech
High work levels
More fun whilst studying and teaching!

SOS Study for the company steirische Holzcluster

In the SOS Study carried out in-house in Ennstal, the heart rates of children in conventional classrooms were compared with those of school children in rooms specially furnished with wood. The result was amazingly positive: The school children in wooden classrooms showed a significantly lower heart rate (10 beats /minute lower). In the long-term this can contribute to a higher life expectancy.

What contributes to this success?

  • The smell of wood
  • Colour/ Light – Spatial acoustics
  • Softer look and feel
  • Optimised spatial acoustics
  • Level of concentration rises
  • Stress is reduced


Elementary school Koglhof

At the Koglhof elementary school all the classrooms were fittet with fir wood wall and ceiling coverings. The remaining public areas were designed ...

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