Seminar Rooms

Pleasant acoustic conditions should be the order of the day in seminar rooms, as in in these rooms we are mainly concerned with imparting knowledge to the users. To do this, alongside the usual acoustic measures, conditional on the shape of a room usually approximating to a square or rectangle, a few additional points must be considered.


Acoustic Conditions

Care must be taken in particular, that no low-frequency standing waves form in the room, which emanate from the corner of a room, spreading out towards the diagonally opposite corner. In this way the ability of users to concentrate is considerably reduced and in spite of the other measures which may have been carried out, the room will be perceived as being unpleasant. As a consequence in the long-term, the rentability of the rooms concerned will fall considerably.

For this reason the selection and allocation of the correct acoustic materials must be granted the utmost care in order to guarantee good spatial acoustic characteristics.



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